From Theatres to MMP – Rudman has a say

Brian “where’s my theatre” Rudman has muscled up on MMP.

Credit where credit is due. Rudman has temporarily stopped campaigning for his theatre to give his view on MMP, and in some pretty terse terms that are more likely to come from a blog than granny Herald.? Bloody good effort Brian, The Whale appreciates blokes who say what they think and don’t try to get through to us at some subliminal message that we are not able to pick up.

There is one thing Brian got wrong though.

Business interests never wanted at large councillors because they are bloody hard to unseat when they get there. It is much easier to un-elect some dopey lefty from a ward than it is to un-elect some high profile dopey lefty like Keisha Castle Hughes who thinks they need take the Jeanette Garofalo role in the NZ branch of FAG.

There is a nother thing too, there is no Vast Ring Wing Conspiracy of white men to control everything (there are a few brothers in it you know), it is amazing that these delusions continue. There is medication for such paranoid delusions might I suggest some on the left seek some medical help.

Even so a good effort by Brian and good to see him campaigning on something other than “his” theatre.