Go Michael go

Michael Laws is in trouble. He is in trouble for speaking the truth and upsetting the liberal elite. He is dead right in telling Maori, whether they are kids or not that there are much more importnat things to worry about than a silly ‘H’ in the middle of a word.

Seven pupils in the primary’s immersion unit -who wanted a “h” inserted into Wanganui – wrote to Mr Laws outlining why they thought that should be the case.

In a short written reply Mr Laws told the students:

“When your class starts addressing the real issues affecting Maoridom – particularly the appalling rate of child abuse and child murder within Maori society, then I will take the rest of your views seriously.”

Celia Wihongi, mother of 11-year-old Ngarui Manukau, said that response was petty and hypocritical.

“I think his response amounts to abuse. He’s bringing up factors that the children have no control over and saying it’s something they should be fixing. That’s stupid. But he sees us as poor, filthy and child abusers. That’s his whole view – anything outside of that he can’t fathom.”

Right now Michael Laws is dead right. At the moment, Maori are killing their kids at a rate of two a week, it might be higher if it wasn’t for the intervention of medial staff.

Laws is right, Maori have a problem with their kids, they are beating them, smashing them and killing them.

We need more truth speakers in this country not more mealy mouthed politically correct? whiners complaining about an ‘h’ or maori seats on a council or the taniwha under a road or other such shite.