Going in to Bhat for some sensible solutions

Right. So the bludgers that own bars in Auckland are having the same whinge that those in the socialist republic of Christchurch are having. They reckon that they have the ?right? to stay open to all hours to make a profit, while not incurring the true cost of doing so.

As mentioned in a previous post, down in the socialist republic there is something like a war zone every Friday and Saturday night when drunken morons take to the streets after midnight.The rest of us pay a massive cost, having to pay for the cost of about 40-50 coppers who should be waking up fresh as daisies on Saturday and Sunday ready to go out nicking proper crims, not drunken morons. We have to pay for the clean up of the streets every Saturday and Sunday morning. And our health system is full of morons with alcohol related injuries.

Same thing happens here, but without the socialist republics lumpen proletariat who have a real penchant for fight, chundering and wrecking things, there is not the damage done. Still there is damage done, and good on well known WASP (except he’s an Indian) and right wing councillor Aaron Bhatnagar for taking a principled stand and at least discussing that these bar owners should stop sticking their hands out and start paying for some of the costs. The simple principle of user pays is going to make the world of difference to keeping control of rates and ensuring that Aortic Len’s mob don?t take control of the super city.

Whats also got me completely fucked is how ?being an international city? means encouraging bogans to get pissed, bash each other and vomiting everywhere in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning. I really can’t remember ever hearing this being part of the ?international city? culture of places like Paris, Rome, New York or London.

I?m all for pubs staying open as long as they like. But make the bastards pay for the privilege and maybe Banksie can knock a few dollars off my first supercity rates bill. And all you the liberal elite who keep talking about lack of representation on the council should look closely. Last time I saw Aaron he was quite brown, had an Indian name and was definitely not a paid up member of the white liberal elite who like telling the rest of us how to live our lives while working out how to make the rest of us pay for Brian Rudman’s theatre.