Has Garth George finally gone senile?

I think Garth George has finally gone senile, either that or the vapours of Rotorua have finally got to him.

If there were no Maori seats and Maori chose to stand for any party in general electorates – think Remuera, Epsom, North Shore – I doubt whether any would be elected, even in areas of dense Maori population and even if he or she was by far the most qualified and suitable candidate. Why? Hard as it is to accept, the answer is simply because he or she is brown.

Maybe he hasn?t noticed Sam and Aaron on the Auckland council who where brown last time I looked, and Simon Bridges in Tauranga. Or Paula in Waitakere or Jami-Lee Ross the councillor for Howick in Manukau. National?s Maori caucus is 7. Remuera elected a brown bloke to council because he was the best man for the job and ran a brilliant campaign.

Personally I am predicting Ngai Tahu will get a few brown faces on the Socialist Republic of? Christchurch City Council as they are vexed with the current mob.

I wonder sometimes about the standard of the commentariat that inhabit the local news media. Time and again their short-comings are shown up. Surely it is time for a new breed of commentator to come to the fore instead of the blatherings of senile old folk.