Jetstar picking on crippled kids now

The Jetstar nightmare continues. This Aussie budget airline seems to have a marketing strategy that includes pissing people off in order to get in the papers. Today is no different. This time they are picking on crippled kids.

Ok calling them crippled kids is perhaps a bit strong but it makes for a better headline.

Jetstar has been criticised for poor sportsmanship after charging heavily for changing the name on an airline ticket after an injured schoolboy had to cancel his trip.

The Rangitoto College 1st XI cricket manager was shocked that one of the students had to pay an additional $200 to replace his teammate on a flight to Christchurch for a pre-season tour.

The budget airline says leniency on name transfer fees would only encourage a secondary market in domestic tickets.

Rangitoto College manager Mark Smith was told that on top of the $158 the 14-year-old injured boy paid for his ticket, the name change incurred a $60 levy as well as a $140 residual fee.

The residual cost brought the fare in line with the cheapest remaining tickets on the flight.

After protesting to Jetstar’s customer service, he was told the $60 fee would be waived if the boy’s surgeon could confirm the injury.

Who ever this Simon Westaway is he should be fired, he is the most incompetent PR mananger I have ever seen. For the sake of about $200 bucks his airline is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. The man is a dickhead and his client are a bunch of fools.