Judith delivers another nut-shot to Plughead

Clayton “sure it’s real hair” Cosgrove has spewed forth again and again he gets his balls kicked by Judith Collins. I think he enjoys a good ball kicking more than David Benson-Pope ever did.

Yesterday Judith Collins highlighted that prison numbers continue to grow and the urgent need to get more prison beds is also growing.

This of course isn’t a result of increased lawlessness tolerated by Labour but rather some sort of conspiracy to spike Corrections Officers negotiations according to Clayton “it really is my hair” Cosgrove. Of course it won’t have escaped the notice of asute readers that the Corrections Officers union boss is lobbying hard to stand for Labour in Tukituki and indeed has been seen spying out good locations for his office.

The other conspiracy theiry is that “Crusher” Collins is softening us all up to let prisoners out early as some sort of flip-flop on National’s get though on crime policy. If iPredict took ods on that supposition I’d bet a small fortune that Judith Collins wouldn’t ever contemplate that sort of namby-pamby policy making on the hoof. If necessary I’m sure whe wold look at triple bunking if it keeps crims in prison and off our streets.

Frankly if they are locked up 24/7 and stab each other with sharpened spoons the vast majority of Kiwis couldn’t care less. A prisoner dying rates somewhere about the level of Mrs Miggins cat being stuck up a tree in the news.