Kaitiakitanga – Kicking Garth George in the pants for idiocy

Dead set Garth George needs to do his research better. In his spectacular failure of a column that I have already lambasted he also goes on about Maori and their innate spirituality and connection with the natural environment or Kaitiakitanga.

?Nor will you find among other races the innate spirituality which connects Maori with their natural environment and possessions.?

If ?innate spiritually which connects Maori with their natural environment and possessions? means permanently knocking off species of native birds without whiteys help then the Maori are unbelievably well connected. I wonder if he is seeing aura over every Maori he runs across, or whether he has yet to develop the acute aura reading faculties that come from progressive and advanced senility?

Careful analysis of Maori?s customary management of native birds shows that during their exclusive stewardship 34 species of bird became extinct.

Joint stewardship both before and after the Treaty of Waitangi lead to a further 15 species became extinct, which is a pretty poor effort. Unfortunately it was typical for a bunch of dopey bastards like the colonial era Poms who had a real penchant for wrecking things, plus were quite technologically advanced compared to NZs early settlers, having discovered how to use gunpowder and the wheel as opposed to spears and stone adzes.

Don?t get me wrong, I don?t doubt the Poms have great form when it comes to wrecking things, but they were beaten 34 ?15 in the race to denude NZ from its native species of bird.

Apart from the cant involved in this silly spiritual connection, I reckon there are plenty of other races that have similar if not greater connections with their natural environments and their possessions. Its hard to imagine Aborigine in Australia taking out 34 species of birds, or the Eskimo Inuit, or the nomadic native american tribes? I don?t know what Geronimo would have to say about Garth besmirching the Apache who lived a sustainable lifestyle until overrun by the Americans and the Mexicans.

I thought Garth George went to Rotorua to retire. It might be a good idea that he did actually do that, he seems to have lost his marbles or got a bad case of the vapours.