Keeping the bastards honest – AECT elections

Once again it falls to Whaleoil and Gotcha! to keep the left honest.

Powerlynk, the Labour-Green hybrid beast thats running for the AECT elections against C&R, have a website site up.

But they haven’t got any authorisation statement on the website anywhere. I’ve attached it here as evidence.

Now look at the names of the Goons behind Powerlynk – Kate Sutton (former Axis of Weasel), Simon Mitchell (the lawyer who destroys evidence of painted forgeries), Phil Goofs flunky Shale Chambers (spouse of the awful Grendel Fryer), someone called David Hay (not the real David Hay, but a greenie) and another Labour flunkie called Jenny Agnew.

If the same people who promoted the EFA can’t be expected to even fill out the simplest of election tasks (authorising their material) then what chance have they got at running a billion dollar company like Vector and the AECT? They’re also complaining that the record high dividend maintained by C&R is somehow bad? Did you get your cheque yet? I have. I would have thought that the left would have praised the AECT for passing on the profits to the people who own the assets? Shows just how out of touch they really are.

On a another note – the hapless defeated Collinge rises from the dead to contest the AECT elections once more with his Just Power brand. This time, he’s saving the money of his fellow travelers on Just Power by only fielding three candidates instead of the five slots available. This way, when the Just Power candidates blow their deposits and campaign funds for no chance of victory (just like last time), there will have been two people spared the indignity of a huge loss. Even their website is the same as the 2006 campaign – word for word – they haven’t bothered taking in down or changing it since the 2006 election.