Labour Conference Workshops

As Labour continues through its death throws before rising like a phoenix, there will be a number of Labour MPs looking out for a few quid for peddling their time to supplement sucking the public teat directly. That?s why there is likely to be a course on double dipping for beginners, along with the getting high paid but useless jobs at international organisations where you don?t have to worry about the uncaring, unknowing voter kicking you out.

Double Dipping for Beginners ???Part I ?????Getting the Job

Parliament not taxing enough? Not earning what you did on your ministerial salary and want to know who is going to drive you around now you don?t have a limo? Use your contacts and friends to get a second job. Sure it is taxed at the secondary rate but it is better than nothing.

Lead by Steve Maharey & Dr Rajen Prasad

Double Dipping for Beginners Part II ???????Sanctimony while complaining about National double dipping

How to complain bitterly about your opponents allegedly double dipping with the utmost sanctimony while ignoring your side doing the same thing.

Lead by ?Pious? Carol Beaumont & “Pharisaical” Su?a William Sio