Labour corruption laid bare

There is an article today in the DomPost by David Hargreaves ostensibly about business maestro Tony Gibbs. But buried in the deep depths of the article is further evidence of Labour’s corruption –

Despite his abrasiveness, Mr Gibbs is hugely respected. Former Labour Party president Mike Williams has dealt with Mr Gibbs for several years, including when Mr Gibbs was attempting to defeat the tax legislation being promoted by the Labour-led government. “He put up a hell of a fight and he won. He convinced me that it was unfair and, to be honest with you, I lobbied for him – it was unfair.

Mr Williams said that, among the people he dealt with while Labour president, Mr Gibbs “really stood out as . . . a top New Zealand businessman, if not the top New Zealand businessman – and he’s an all-round lovely bloke”.

“Even people who he’s bested, beaten in business scraps, speak highly of his integrity. I regard him as something of a personal mentor and a personal friend.”

What the fuck! The President of the Labour Party was? lobbying for a? foreign-listed company, Guinness Peat Group, to get favourable tax treatment from Michael Cullen?

This is an outrage. If the President of the National party said something similar the paid lap-bloggers of the Standard and other lefty troll farms would be rightly calling this corruption of the highest order. Make no mistake about it this is corruption and yet another reason why there should immediately be established an Independent Commission Against Corruption to protect us against these sorts of dodgy dealings.

What I want to know is why the story was even about Tony Gibbs after Mike Williams dropped that bomb-shell? The repeater should have been on Williams like flies on shit asking what other policies were for sale or change by foreign owned companies? Who else had Mike “Fat Tony” Williams lobbied for? Did he charge for that lobbying? What were his fees? Were there any other policy concessions and what was the quid pro quo for those concessions?

Labour really were a mafia styled organisation in the pay of big business.