Labour sinks under 30%

The latest Roy Morgan poll is out and National is up and Labour is sinking faster than the Titanic.

National Party 56.5% (up 3%)
Maori Party 1.5% (down 0.5%)
ACT NZ 1.5% (up 0.5 %)
United Future 0.5% (unchanged)

Labour Party 29.5% (down 3%)
Greens 8% (down 0.5%)
NZ First 1.5% (down 0.5%)
Progressive Party 0.5% (up 0.5%)
Others 0.5% (up 0.5%).

At this rate Phil Goff will be approaching the record low set by Bill “20.9%” English in just two months.

In other related news the BBQ Factory is having a massive spring madness clearance sale. Conveniently tey have a store in Henderson which would be reasonably close for David Cunliffe if he actually lived in his electorate and another store located in Lower Hutt which should be helpful for Trevor.