Labour's Conference Venue Choice

Labour's Party is burning downPity the poor Labour party conference planners. In a bid to reconnect with the provinces they are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to conference venues. You see in the North Island the only provincial town that is a Labour electorate (very hard to see but helpfully labeled by Wikipedia) they could use would have been Palmerston North. No-one except the really desperate would want to attend a conference in Palmerston North and Trevor Mallard is banned from the only decent motel in the place too. The South Island isn’t much better unless you count Dunedin as a provincial centre or Waimakiriri, but not even the locals could put up? with Clayton Cosgrove’s crowing if his patch got the job. Anyway after week after week of getting his ass handed to him almost daily by Judith Collins, Cosgrove was hardly in any position to lobby for his electorate to get the job.

Instead they have had to go to Rotorua. Lost in the last election to Todd “Boris” McClay, it is also the home town of one of the “Four Harpies“.

Still at least it is better than Hamilton. Even the Springboks couldn’t find any redeeming features in Hamilton, referring to train and stay away. Hamilton is the upper north Island’s Palmerston North and should in all reality be used to human genome experimentation or as a nuclear test site.