Len Brown's campaign has major heart failure

Len Brown to be elected mayor of Auckland in 2010 - iPredict_1254012595713With the astonishing news that Len Brown has endorsed Sue Bradford for a spot on the Super City Council he has effectively given his own faltering campaign a massive heart attack.

His stock on iPredict has already fallen 7.55%. Meanwhile Banksie’s stock is on the rise. If I had stock in Brown I’d be dumping it before the six o’clock news hits.

As the news filters out it looks like Len Brown’s campaign will flat-line and the moment he endorsed Sue Bradford was essentially when his campaign had the fatal heart attack.

The campaign may well be on life support from now until the actual election. If Mike Lee now puts his name forward for Mayor then the left will be at war with each other and trust me the blood will flow.

Conor Roberts must have had the day off and Len Brown had a rush of shit to the brains to mouth off about Sue Bradford. There will be much yelling in Ivory Towers of the Manukau City Council tomorrow morning when the new makes it to the major dailies and is all over the news tonight at 6pm.