Let them play Bullrush – expert

Yeehaa! finally a school is getting rid of nambypamby-ism and allowing bullrush to be played at school.

I well remember our epic games of bullrush at lunchtime with usually 200 people playing. It truly was a rush and I don’t ever remember anyone getting hurt. often it was a chance to put the bash on the big guys by mobbing them.

A decision to lift a ban on bullrush at a Palmerston North primary school has one expert’s approval.

Roslyn School is letting its pupils play the game at lunchtime under supervision.

Massey University senior lecturer in physical education Dennis Slade says it’s ironic primary school’s are banning games like bullrush, when students are encouraged to bulk up to deliver a ‘big hit’ in high school sports.

He says the debate does raise a more important issue – that there is an appalling lack of physical education taught in primary schools.