Look who is telling porkies again

I just received NZ Fashion Week delegate’s list with the listing of all the publications attending and giving a brief description of what the attendees do.

Seems Pork Chop has been padding her bio more than her figure.

Rachel Glucina is New Zealand’s best gossip columnist and her Spy pages have a readership of 347 000 people every Sunday. Her online blog on www.nzherald.co.nz is one of the most widely read blogs on the site? which is the best read news website in the country. Rachel Glucina’s Sunday newspaper column and online blog makes her the most prominent and influential player in the social media industry.

Right so she reckons she is a prominent and influential player in the social media industry….we will see about that…let’s see how she enjoys a #TWITTERMAFIA attack. First let’s check out the primo Social media site Twitter…oh look BIG Fail! There is a @porkchopgossip

If by prominent she means the size of her XXXXXXXL plus size pants then I guess she has a point but to call herself a prominent player in the social media industry is stretching the truth more than the elastic on a size 10 thong trying to stretch its way across her ass.