Mad Mayor loses the plot at Council meeting

Clown of Campbell's Bay reading Gotcha!

The one-eyed Mad Mayor of North Shore and the Clown of Campbells Bay must have had a few tipples too many before last night’s council meeting because from all accounts that have poured into the tipline he completely lost the plot at last night’s council meeting.

If my information is correct it appears that the One-eyed, mad Mayor at one stage may have threatened a journalist for the North Shore Times suggesting that if she reported his antics then her job was on the line. This was then challenged by another councillor who was then threatened by the one-eyed Mad Mayor with expulsion from the meeting.

What this blogger wants to know is if these reports are true? Surely there must be something that could be done to bring such antics into the clear light of day so that people of the North Shore can see what their mad Mayor, the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams is up to.