McCully's head is wedged firmly up his own arse

Murray McCully, the Dark Lord of NZ policitcs, gave a speech to the NZ-Fiji Business Council the other day. In it he said;

Periodically I receive correspondence suggesting that New Zealand should be indifferent to such matters as military coups, the sacking of judges, the abrogation of the constitution, the suspension of personal freedoms, the arrest and intimidation of leaders of the Methodist church, and heavy-handed censorship of the media.

I could not disagree more strongly with those sentiments.

The only reason he could not disagree more strongly with those sentiments is if he had his head wedged firmly up his own arse or at the very least the arse of some policy wonk at Mfat.

The Constitution that McCully holds dear to his heart was a racist constitution foisted upon Fiji by Labour and their handy fall guy Sir Paul Reeves. Little wonder that subsequents coups occured with that constitution in place. The Methodist Church, hand in hand with the previous corrupt administration worked diligently to help bribe the and educate the citizenry exactly how to vote. This blog has detailed exactly how this occured with bribes of tractors and outboard motors. The fact that Boo-Boo Hobbs esconced in her luxury hotel never saw this says so much about her and nothing about what actually happened.

All of that was aided and abetted by a government that was working hand in hand with the Great Council of Thieves Chiefs, who if McCully pulled his head out of his arse more often would know are actually bully-boys beholden to the real land-owners, the women.

When McCully and Key and others in the Government want a real lesson in Fiji and Fijian politics not some pimply, spotty faced weasel from Wellignton’s view then I am happy to arrange a meeting with as large a group as they care to choose.