Nasty Labor administration giving commercial interests access to the conservation estate

The Labor Party in Australia are turning out to be a bunch of right wing ideologues who definitely needing a good kick in the arse by the green liberal elite who know better than the normal Brian ?where?s my theatre? Rudman mainstream liberal elite. It’s just a pity the NSW Labor Party is the bastion of the main stream liberal elite.

It beats me why some of the conservation estate can’t start paying its own way. In socialist democracies like Canada you actually have to pay to enter great national parks like Banff National Park. A bloody good way to spend CAD$9.80 too, and it is full of tourists, normal Canadians and granola hippies through a good part of the summer, tailing off in the inclement winter.

What flawed logic to those whose bodily functions emit no odour have for the success of Canada?s National Parks? Maybe you only get charged if there is a bear danger?

Closer to home the Karori wildlife sanctuary pinkos like Farrar probably subscribe to the $49 per year annual membership, or you can get in for $14. Karori has done more positive for the bird life in Wellington than anything else in centuries, by charging a fee.

Charging for access to the conservation estate, or giving mining licenses fees direct to DoC would increase DoC?s revenue and allow them to spend more on the stuff we all care about, like species preservation and creating more mainland islands. Or simply improving some of our high value conservation estate.

Enough of the whining of the liberal elite, let’s get on and make a difference.