Nikki being a silly little girl

Poor little Nikki Kaye doesn?t seem to have got the hang of parliament, and especially that politics is a team game where you may have arguments with your team behind the scenes, and you don?t shit on a minister in the house (even when that minister is a red-faced ginga git). Obviously if everyone has always told you how special you are you start believing it, and don?t learn to listen.

In Parliament yesterday, National’s Auckland Central MP, Nikki Kaye, challenged Environment Minister Nick Smith to assure Aucklanders that valuable trees would be listed before 2012.

Dr Smith said he would write to each council in Greater Auckland and ask for its work programme for listing new trees.

There is an internal process that little Nikki has gone through with National, and lost because she is out of touch with what National wants. It is not nationalisation of trees by ?tree idiots? as Stephen Franks calls them. This process includes caucus committees, select committees, caucus, talking informally to the minister and the rest of your caucus, working with the select committee chair, and lobbying them hard. But when the party decides against your opinion you follow the whip in public. This is a pretty simple career enhancing move that our special Nikki doesn?t seem to have understood. It is a bit like not shitting on your supporters and your campaign team, because even if they are not certified senior MPs so worth greasing, they are actually quite essential to winning at the next election, a simple fact that may be eluding special Nikki.

I wonder what special little Nikki is planning to do outside of parliament in 2011? Or is she going to switch sides and hold Auckland Central for Labour? Or is she the next Winston Peters? And why is Nikki messing up the chances of any other under 30 making into Nationals caucus by behaving like a spoilt child? Maybe she wasn?t smacked as a child and is an advertisement against the Section 59 amendment?