No Shit Sherlock

Phil Goff has had a no shit sherlock moment on the eve of his party’s conference. Surely they could have also thought about the symbolism and coincidence of starting their conference on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11.

Labour's Party is burning downPhil Goff has admitted some of the mistakes though not the one they should be admitting. No doubt Helen’s flunkies have not already reported on his betrayal of all her fine work and she will be furiously txting tips for those set to roll Goff.

Mr Goff said he wanted to “draw a line under the past”, citing unpopular policies such as those telling people what size shower heads and which lightbulbs they could use.

“We’d stopped listening to what people’s priorities were and seemed to be working on issues they thought were sideshows,” Mr Goff said yesterday.

I for one want to hear an real heartfelt apology for the evil anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act. I want to hear an apology for the demonisation of a small group of New Zealanders who dared to put their own hands into their pockets and spend their own money opposing the government. And I want to hear an apology for foisted socially divisive and anti-family changes upon New Zealand with no mandate whatsoever.

Until then, until those apologies are made and the public accept that Labour really mean it and they are not some glib attempt at sorry and until they start acting like it was simply a big mistake that the public tossed them out Labour will continue to crash like the twin towers did and only from their ashes will something resembling the true Labour party will arise.