NZ Bloggers union to support VSM

Dear Readers,

It’s about time the NZBU got behind a worthy cause and what better than to support Voluntary Student Membership. As bloggers and readers of blogs, you are automatically supporters of the VSM movement and we expect all blogs to reflect this opinion.

Compulsory member blogs like Kiwiblog, The Standard, No Right Turn, Pubic Address, The Hand Mirror, Cactus Kate and Whale Oil Beef Hooked, not to mention Red Alert and Frog Blog stand together unified for VSM and we expect commonsense will prevail when it comes down to voting in Parliament.

Our constitution demands all bloggers to support VSM and we will reflect this in future press releases on behalf of YOU are members.

Not only that our Constitution mandates that because you either read a blog or write a blog then you automatically are a member of the NZ Bloggers Union. If it is good enough for students to be forced to belong to a union then it is good enough for you.


Mr President Clint Heine