Oh FFS Harden Up already

Talkback is all over this b.s. situation in Christchurch where some fool has killed two chicks and buried the bodies under it.

Bob Parker, the mayor of the Socialist Republic of Christchurch, normally a sane individual, has bizarrely proposed that the council buy the so-called “House of Horrors” on the pretense that some fools may burn it down.

This is arrant nonsense of course and a blatant waste of ratepayers funds. Other callers to talkback are equally stupid suggesting the Housing New Zealand step up to the plate for the neighbours. Again this is more moronic behaviour.

The state or the council isn’t stepping up to the plate and coughing for leaky homes yet somehow we are now expecting both to stump up because some people are somehow afraid of ghosts or spirits or some other mumbo-jumbo. It is just bullshit and should be put a stop to.

Put the house up for auction, someone like me would buy it dirt cheap, get a cleaning crew in, give it a lick of paint and some new gardens and then rent it to some unsuspecting tenants a few months down the track, end of problem. Even get? every spiritualist and maori branch waver and water sprinkler to cleanse the demons and the spirits and away we go. Even the stench of decaying bodies will go eventually once the maggots and bugs have finished with the bits left behind by the cops.