Oh great, an email from a trainspotter

I got this email from a trainspotter. One who clearly has never looked at the rail map of Auckland with anything except glazed over eyes and co-related that to a map with one of Auckland where people ACTUALLY live.

Trains suck. They suck at almost everything they do and every study that proves they work is based on a population 10 times the size of New Zealand and running trains on a gauge other than the orphan one we use. If my suggestion of a dedicated truckway was implemented then we could run freaking road trains.

Also, idiot, trainspotter, to get things onto a train you need, TRUCKS to get the stuff there, and TRUCKS to move it again at the other end. Why not just stick it on a TRUCK end to end.

I don’t even know what a DMU is and i suspect I wouldn’t care even if I did. Why is that tossers who don’t live in Auckland, usually tossers from Wellington or the Socialist Republic of Christchurch see fit to tell us in Auckland what is best for us. Rail most certainly isn’t, never will be, couldn’t possibly be and won’t be good for us in Auckland.

Why? Because you muddle headed ignoramus, Auckland is built on an isthmus. Everything has to go through an area at Otahuhu that is only 500m wide from the Manukau harbour to the Waitemata harbour and why the road is fricken called Portage Road there.

Unless massive tunnels and bridges are built capable of carrying both vehicles and trains thre isn’t going to be a rail solution for Auckland. You can’t even catch a train to the North Shore because some genius decided that the Harbour Bridge should take cars only and even then under-designed it.

If you want to see just how truly fucked the Auckland transport system is then use the Maxx website and plot a trip from say Howick to Henderson. That’s a real trip from my house to my in laws. I plotted the quickest: $13:50 and 2hrs and 09 minutes and the cheapest $12:70 which take 3hours 20mins.

I sure as fuck am nort paying $13:50 or even $12:70 to sit next to some rank smelling poor person for a minimum of two hours. That would cost someone? far more than that if I billed that time out. In two hours I can drive there and have an hour long meeting and drive back all for cheaper than $12:70 including the drive thru breakfast at McDonalds, which you sure as fuck won’t get on a bus or a train.

So with no respect at all shove your fucking trains.buses/public transport up your fucking arse and fix my fucking roads. even if I have to pay a toll. Better still make petrol $3:00 a litre so I can travel unhindered by poor people in barely warrant-able cars across Auckland