Pathetic beat up over bombs

There is a pathetic beat up by Patrick Gower in the Herald about some troops who stuck a sticker on a bomb about to be delivered to the Taleban. There are all sorts of stupid statements like;

The bombs can be fired from fighter jets like the F-16 and are regularly used in air strikes in Afghanistan which are controversial because of the hundreds of civilian casualties they have caused.

Uhmmmm….no they can’t be fired, they are bombs, which means they are dropped. Then there is this ultra-pathetic load of PC claptrap that shows that nine years of Clarkism has infested the Defence forces.

Defence Force spokesman Commander Shaun Fogarty said the photographs were “completely inappropriate” and an investigation was under way to determine the soldiers’ fate.

Completely inappropriate? What fricken planet is this soo to be ex-Commander on. There is a war in Afghanistan and bombs are dropped, it is doubtful the Taleban would have even got the Demon drinks message in the ensuing explosion. These troops should be given a pat on the back and a good old round of drinks for having a lark in a tough environment.

I find all this outrage laughable. Look at some images from war and you will? messages written on bombs all the time.

World War 2 – 201st Eagle squad ground crew loading a 1000 lb bomb

World War 2? – Message to Japanese soldiers, May 1943

World War 2 – the slogan-inscribed 1000-pound demolition bomb looms large before the Curtis P-40 that will drop the chalk-scribbled threats on enemy installations. 1943

Indian Air Force – 1971, Bomb christenedd Road to Dacca

Korean War – Easter 1951, 2000lb bombs

Falklands War – Argentine Ordnance Crews with bomb graffiti

I cold go on there are literally thousands of images, but I think you get the picture. This is part of military culture and poxy journalists cossetted in Wellington really need to get out more before maligning those who volunteer to go in harms way so he can continue to be a poxy journalist in Wellington.

The only inappropriate behaviour is that of the journalist and the wimp Commander who should have told Gower to nick off when he rung for comment.