Please stay Mrs Turia

Tariana Turia has said she will reconsider her decision to leave parliament at the end of this term. WOBH would very much like to see Mrs Turia remain in Parliament, not because she holds views in line with WOBH or the rest of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. In fact, it would not be out of place to say that the VRWC disagree with Mrs Turia on most issues, and reckon she is dead wrong on a number of them to the point where it is not even worth arguing the point, she is so wrong.

Why Mrs Turia should stay is she is one of the few MPs who are truly principled and also highly intelligent. She told Labour to stick it over the Foreshore and Seabed, and founded her own party. Not for ego reasons, because she believed in doing what was right for the people she represented.

Everyone knows about her leaving Labour on principle. What everyone doesn?t know as Mrs Turia is a modest woman, is that she has a long track record of personal generosity, including fostering a great many children in her electorate. Further, she is one of the few politicians who can be relied on not to be seduced by the baubles of office. If you?ve bought up scores of problem children that aren’t your own, having a ride in a flash limo (actually they aren’t that flash) doesn?t really mean a lot to you. Mrs Turia can be relied on to put constituents first, and put her own ambition on hold to promote the principles she holds dear.

That?s why she should stay. We need more MPs with strong principles, and backgrounds that show they are not on some massive ego trip.