Plughead and Labour soft on Crime

While the news media focuses on trivial things like whether or not Wanganui should have a ‘h’ labour and Clayton “Plughead” Cosgrove in particular are quietly backing away from their previous stance on crushing the cars of boy-racers.

It seems that they are so bereft of of support these days that Labour is now going for the criminal vote.

I thought it might be timely to re-visit some statements from Plughead from the past and contract that now with his position.;

Note that the Land Transport (Unauthorised Street and Drag Racing) Amendment Act ?(Cosgrove was responsible for) passed in April 2003. Commenting on that?

28 March 2003 Dominion Post “The message will now go out to these hoons that if you continue to act illegally and irresponsibly, endangering the lives of others and yourselves, the police are gonna come after you.”

2 April 2003 The Nelson Mail ” I’m not having communities stood over and placed under siege by these people. The clear message to the hoon, ‘stop the activity while you’ve got a car to stop it with.”

5 May 2003, The Press “If people are going to drive like lunatics and endanger the public then they should expect to lose their car.”

20 May 2007 NZ Herald He said he would consider re-visiting his legislation to harden it up.”Maybe it could be tougher. I would look at any measure, if people came up with other ideas, to have another go.”

21 May 2007,The Press “We have to crack down and try and save these people from themselves.”

23 May 2007 The Press He said the government was looking at a host of new measures and “we shouldn’t close our minds to anything”

20 August 2007, The Press “Boy racers should not be allowed to terrorise communties and use such stand-over tactics to intimidate people.”

17 December 2007, The Press – “People have had a gutsful of this. I am sick of boy racers going on in the media saying ‘We just want to have fun-leave us alone.’ This is intimidation, this is not fun.”

2 Feb 2009 Labour Press Release commenting on his 2003 legislation – ” I am very happy to talk to Judith Collins about how we can work together to toughen it further still” and ” I agree that we do have to find new ways that work to deal with these people.”

2 Feb 2009 Radio NZ – Reported that the Labour Party said if the Government moves to toughen up laws targeting boy racers, it will offer no resistance

30 March 2009 Newstalk ZB – Cosgrove said Labour will consider any measure that will help get hoons off the road.

6 April 2009, The Press – Cosgrove said Labour would consider supporting law changes proposed by Collins

So Clayton “Plughead” Cosgrove can talk the talk but unfortunately him and his Labour colleagues either can’t or won’t walk the walk. They issued a minority report on the proposed law that was so riddled with errors you have to wonder how Cosgrove even got a ‘C’ pass at University.

Labour repeatedly, Plughead in particular, as I have shown above, said the current law needs toughening up, that loopholes need to be closed and that boy racers be told in no uncertain terms their behaviour is not to be tolerated. Despite that, and despite the fact this is what the public wants, Labour doesn?t seem to realise this Bill does exactly that.

Labour?s errors in its minority report include:

Claims: the Bill weakens the power of vehicle confiscation.
Truth: The Bill adds to the current confiscation regime. The current law, where after one offence a judge can, and after two offences over four years a judge must, confiscate the vehicle remains set in stone.

Claims: fewer cars will be confiscated
Truth: This Bill, along with the Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Bill, closes loopholes relating to sham sales before confiscation and offenders using another person’s car.? Therefore, there are likely to be many more cars confiscated.? The only reason there would be fewer confiscations would be if driving behaviour changed – and that would be a good thing surely.

They Propose amendments to reinstate mandatory confiscation of vehicles on the second offence.
Truth: Existing confiscation provisions are not weakened.? An amendment to reinstate mandatory confiscation at second offence is not necessary as the Bill does not alter this provision. So Labour in their infinite wisdom are prosposing to amend something that doesn’t need amending.

The only reason this blogger can find for their bizarre flip-slopping over this bill is that Labour’s own polling is suggesting that not only Lianne Dalziel fail dismally in her campaign to become the Christchurch Mayor but that they are so low on support in the rest of Christchurch that they are now pitching for the criminal element to bolster their flagging ratings.

Perhaps the good people of Christchurch have seen that with the rest of the country Blue except for a small pocket of fools in Palmerston North, Dunedin and South Auckland that perhaps they better get with the programme and as a result get better and clearer claw making along with it.