Random Questions People should be asking about Chrisco

  1. Where in the world is Richard Bradley?
  2. How come all the documents relating to the failure of Hopscotch Finance are sealed until 20011 by court order?
  3. Isn’t that highly unusual?
  4. Is it true that Hopscotch Finance has lost $8million?
  5. Why doesn’t Richard Bradley own any shares in Chrisco anymore?
  6. Why is the ComCom and SecCom on the go slow over complaints about Chrisco and their financial stability and business practices?
  7. How come Richard Bradley’s house won’t sell and why has the asking price dropped $15million
  8. Will Chrisco agents get all of their commission come November?
  9. Why are Chrisco going to “tax” them 10% of their commission if they take it it early?
  10. Have you checked out the fine print on the prices they value the goods at? You may well be surprised come Christmas.
  11. Are these guys dodgy or what?
  12. Why have 20 people been made redundant at Chrisco and why has this been kept on the “down low”?
  13. Where is the imaginery and illegal Chrisco “Visa” Debit Card at? It’s been like months since they announced that.
  14. Why won’t Visa talk to Chrisco anymore?
  15. Why do they use inertia selling in their brochures?
  16. Why hasn’t the ComCom done anything about that either?
  17. Who is running Chrisco these days anyway?