Rudman unimpressed with Goff's faux-pologies

Cloth Cap Socialist hack Brian”where’s my theatre” Rudman is unimpressed with Phil “Spanky” Goff’s faux-pologies from the weekend.

Apologising for the Clark Government’s distraction with middle-class social issues like smacking kids and energy-efficient lightbulbs was hardly the smartest way for Phil Goff to stamp his mark as new leader of the Labour Party.

Ouch! A? bitch-slap.

The bitter struggle with the unions for shared ownership of the Labour Party was fought and won by the new middle classes nearly half a century ago.

To don his cloth cap at last weekend’s party conference and blame “sideshows” like “smacking, lightbulbs [and] shower heads” as the reason Labour was thrown out of office last year, was to buy into the slick propaganda of his National rivals – and give it a new life.

And here was me thinking it was the blogs that pretty much ran those those lines against Labour.

He’s now made a rod for his own back every time a “nanny state” slur is directed Labour’s way. It would have been better if he’d stuck to the line he took a couple of months ago in an interview, when he stood by his decision to vote for the anti-smacking legislation, adding it was “a monstrous injustice” that National, which had also voted en bloc for it, had then turned around and started beating Labour over the head with the “nanny state” smear.

By fingering Labour’s social liberal instincts as a cause of the defeat, Mr Goff not only risks annoying supporters who identify with these issues, he fools no one. These issues are part of the life blood of the party.

Nice to see that Brian “where’s my theatre” Rudman still Labour wants to continue on its meddling ways. I hope he right. Also confirms just how insincere “Spanky’s” faux-pologies were.

As if to underline this, journalists couldn’t resist ferreting out a remit from the Rainbow sector group calling for free condoms to stop unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. This was a very mild example of the sort of issues that have always featured in Labour conference remit books.

Luckily for Mr Goff, the conference was over before party activists had a chance to catch up with research from the London School of Economics arguing contraception was almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change, than conventional green technologies. The principle being it’s much cheaper to hand out condoms to prevent the emitter being born, than it is to cleanse the atmosphere of the carbon he or she will emit, once born, for the next 80-odd years.

Wow, that was a mild example of a remit…..I wonder what other whacked out ideas these meddlers have up their sleeves. Oh and I just love the allusion to the Pol-Pot solution for combating Global Warming – Population control. The history books, or at least Wikipedia should be re-written to label Pol Pot as the first true believer in Green policies.

Brian “where’s my theatre” Rudman then bangs on for 6 more paragraph about bloody light bulbs. I bet he wouldn’t want his “theatre” though to use eco-bulbs for its shows.

But commie plot or not, energy-efficient light bulbs are a sensible way to help save voters money and give the planet a helping hand. That it became a “nanny state” sideshow in New Zealand is not the fault of the product, but the lack of salesmanship.

Of course there are things Mr Goff could have apologised for; the dithering over Auckland public transport for one. Labour had nearly a decade in power to build a showcase, electrified commuter rail system.

But it left office with the trains unordered and no electric wires to be seen. It was the same story with integrated ticketing. Perhaps it was around promises unfulfilled, such as this, that the votes were lost.

So now he is Brian “where’s my electric train-set” Rudman?