Rudman vs. Franks

Let’s do an interesting study in compare and contrast on the merits of two pieces vis a vis reality.

One from Brian “Where’s my Theatre” Rudman and one from Stephen Franks.

My understanding of reality is a bit different from Brian ?Where?s my theatre? Rudman. Apparently the silly tree protection orders means, as Steve Franks points out, people stop planting natives because they are never able to cut them down. So the policy is very flawed. Blanket bans, like Rudman is advocating retaining, have stopped new tree plantings, and all Nick Smith is trying to do is let people make a few choices about their own gardens. As Stephen Franks says;

?But I despair when I hear the green idiots claim we?ll get more trees by telling people that if they let a tree grow on their land that part ?will become public reserve. For that is what the currrent law does, in effect. The proposed reform does not go far enough.

Most tree control provisions in local planning schemes effectively nationalise the tree and the land on which it grows a few years after planting, when it reaches a size that other people might enjoy. ?Without compensation you lose control of the tree and the land on which it grows, for the benefit of people who like to look at it.?

Maybe if we spent less time policing trees there would be enough money left for Brian’s theatre for the liberal elite. ?I guess Brian doesn?t have 2500 acres of regeneration or a 10 acre coastal property that he has to make planting decisions on. If he did maybe he would have a bit more empathy for tree planters having to choose exotics over natives due to dumb blanket rules.