Saturday Surfing

I’ve long thought that posts where you list links to other stuff were the product of a lazy blogger. And so here is my list;

Oswald Bastable posts some jokes. Spending a considerable time in South Auckland I’m not sure they are jokes however.

He also posts on a light sentence for a baby killer. This may well be a simple case of Silly First Name Syndrome as well.

Heine has some actually very reasonable random thoughts.

Isn’t Trevor Mallard looking all “leader-ish”. Oh and Trevor if you want to know about anti-money laundering I am happy to spend a few hours with you educating you about the real issues rather than trying to paint Bill English in that way. Honestly, I probably know more about anti-money laundering than anyone else in New Zealand. I’m not blowing my own trumpet but if you want to have a meaningful discussion on money laundering rather than playing silly buggers in parliament then I am happy to help. Oh and why did you not speak up about Philip Field’s real and proven corruption at the time?