Silly First Name Syndrome confirmed in Maori baby killing

As predicted by this blog yesterday the Maori baby killed at the weekend by it’s “care-givers” had Silly First Name Syndrome.

A 22-month-old baby who died at the weekend did not live at the house where she was first reported injured, police said yesterday.

The baby, named as Hail-Sage McClutchie of Hamilton, was reported seriously injured in a house in Studholme St, Morrinsville on Saturday.

Paramedics were called when the child stopped breathing.

Police spokesman Andrew McAlley said she did not live at the Studholme St house.

Mr McAlley would not say whether the toddler was with her parents, or whanau, when paramedics were called just after midday Saturday.

I know people are going to say to me that I should call the baby Maori, even with the surname McClutchie, but seriously since when did the newspapers start reporting on every family as whanau wen there was a death?