Still out of touch

Oh FFS, with a global recession, businesses closing and poll ratings approaching those enjoyed by Bill English the Labour party’s big idea for us all is…….

Taxpayer funded rubbers at the supermarket.

Really, Labour should just Get Fucked! With or without one, I don’t care.

Labour’s health spokeswoman Ruth Dyson said the party wanted to look at innovative ways of stopping unwanted pregnancies.

She said it was obvious the type of person who had an unplanned pregnancy did not plan to go to the doctor for contraception either, “but they might whip into the supermarket on the way out”.

Here’s an innovative thought you dumb cow, why don’t you dose KFC, Wendys, Maccas and Burger King because the fool who didn’t go to the doctor and called in at the supermarket probably also eats 3 square meals at one of those outlets.

It’s of course highly ironic that the party that raped our pockets for nine years and blew the surplus’ on frivolities like trainsets now wants to fuck us some more. It’ll be a laugh Labour going into the election promising billions of extra spending including for subsidised johnnies and the only way they can pay for it is by raping our pockets some more. We need prophylactics to protect us from socialists, unfortunately for them they are usually delivered in copper coated lead packages.