Stop giving handouts to farmers

As the proponents of manbearpig continue to push their emissions trading system someone needs to ask why is the taxpayer of New Zealand going to subsidise private enterprise by not charging them the true cost of their manbearpig liability.

The one that really grates is the inbred clodhoppers who hide behind the ?we are farmers and therefore morally superior? argument to avoid paying their fair share of their manbearpig obligations. Subsidising farmers to pollute is dumb, even if manbearpig is dumb too. We need to stop pretending that farmers are a special case and either have them pay the full cost of their environmental impact or charge them a capital gains tax when they sell their farm. They would really have something whinge about then.

We need a principled stance, no handouts for anyone we can possibly avoid giving handouts too. We can’t avoid manbearpig because the international community will kick us in the arse, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep giving handouts to farmers.