Tenderwatch – This is getting ridiculous

It seems every day some government department or other is calling for tenders for completely useless shit. Tonights Tenderwatch email really takes the cake.

  1. A tender for the Ministry of Education on how the market is to engage with suppliers of Records Management Systems! WTF, a tender to write how to respond to a tender!
  2. A tender to write an”industry briefing” for NZDF Contract for Clothing Supply Chain Management. WTF is that supposed to mean? There are about 5 clothing suppliers to the NZDF, that hardly constitutes and industry, the NZDF orders shit and shit gets delivered then stored, then never issued to the troops in the field who need it then sold 20 years later as surplus. Oh and all the “clothing” has to be strong, and funny coloured. I think this is yet another hundy going to a patsy contractor.
  3. This one really takes the cake. The Bay of Plenty DHB, the Health ministers patch is issuing a Tender for a Contract Management Solution. How the f**k do they manage their contracts now? This will be a multi-million rort by some software supplier who has already written the specifications for the tender for which only they can succeed. I’ve seen enough of these to know a rort when I see one. Some fool mid-level wanker will have dreamed up that the DHB needs a contract management solution and is good mates with a mate who just happened to suggest the same over a beer.

There is literally millions of dollars in tenders and “services” being pissed away by bureaucrats and it is making me madder than a cut snake. Just wait till I get my teeth into the rorts surround the provision of stop smoking programmes for Maori, which incidentally aren’t working because they are the ONLY demographic where smoking rates are going up.

GETS Tender Watch Notification for Wednesday, 23 September 2009_1253700677896