The Bloggers Union isn't in the Whitepages

A little birdy tells me that a repeater from TV3 has contacted a “very well known blogger” to ask what the contact phone number for the Bloggers Union is because they couldn’t find it in the Whitepages and did he/she know how to get in contact.

Bwahahahahahaha That is so funny. For the purposes of educating TV3 the Blogger’s Union is a compulsory union for anyone who a) blogs, b) comments on blogs c) reads blogs, kind of like the ridiculous situation where people who happen to enrol in a course at a tertiary institution have to join a Student Union.

It is compulsory to belong and the Blogger’s Union Chief Executive is Clint Heine, whereabouts usually London but at this time of year probably Munich, shit-faced and face down in either a woman or a pile of vomit.

I doubt you will get a sane comment from him about the poor blogger currently being hounded by the Immigration Nazi’s.

It is only the extreme loyalty to the TV3 repeater of the afore-mentioned “very well known blogger” that prevents me naming the? stupid TV3 repeater. Because if I knew the name I would out you for your stupidity.