The Labour Stitch-up

It’s still a whole year before the first vote is cast in the Auckland council elections, and already the Labour Party is trying to stitchup the Mayoral elections!

The Labour conference has provided us with many many good reasons why we don’t want Labour back in charge of anything

– Free condoms
– Capital Gains Tax on investment properties
– Ministry of Social Inclusion (or MinSocInc if you want to get Orwellian)
and now horse-trading between Mike Lee and Len Brown, with a promise that there will be jobs for one of the Labour Lads if they fall into line.

It’s an irony isn’t it – that it’s at a Labour Party conference in a hotel room hundreds of miles away from Auckland, that a candidacy for the future of Auckland’s Mayoralty is being stitched up a whole year before a vote gets cast.

There will be a lot of voters in Botany and Pakuranga and Howick who voted for that nice Mr Brown and his nice blue and green signs at the last local body elections who will be spitting their Cornies across the table at the realisation that they were hoodwinked by Len Brown now that he has shown his true colours to be deep red.

Oh, and here’s a thought – when have the left EVER been united in local government? They’ll unite for the purposes of remuneration, but after they’ve divvied up the jobs, they’ll be at each other’s throats, just like Hubbard, Hucker and others were a few short years ago.