The Motorcycle hoodoo

Phil Goff is trying to be hip and cool by riding to the Labour conference on a Triumph motorcycle. In 2005 Winston Peters was a “man for a change” riding in to his campaign launch on? a Harley. Ironically he was the bitch on the back and so it turned out, he was Helen’s bitch right to the bitter end.

Also ironically Phil Goff won’t rule out Winston being his bitch in the future either.

Is there now to be an electoral hoodoo for leaders of political parties who try to be cool and riding on motorbikes? In 2011 or sooner we will soon know.

Rather than looking hip and cool Phil Goff simply looked like a Boob on a Bike, perhaps Steve Crow should be giving Phil Goff a call to lead his Boobs on Bikes parade come 23 September.