The strange world of the Maori Stop Smoking Industry

Today I received via the tipline an anonymous mail. This is what it contained.

To: [email protected]
Subject: [NZTAN ] Awesome Stuff

I just want to mihi out to Te Reo Marama and Hone Harawira for spearheading the opportunity for the tobacco companies to appear before a select committee. ?”To bring them out from the shadows” as Hone put it. ?Getting
them lined up like ducks is a milestone.

If there was ever a question over the effectiveness and leadership of Te Reo Marama in Maori tobacco control, it should end here.

TRM should be acknowldged towards contributing towards making this happen, (although you would never hear it from them.)

Dispite[sic] being the first (and only) SF/AK organisation to have their funding abruptly cut, TRM still relentlessly ?forges ahead advocating, advising MP’s, responding to media and continues to fight the good fight.

Ka mau te wehi! awesome stuff

Steve Kenny ?(Tipene)
Health Advisor – Maori – Pasifika
Regional Public Health
Tel(DDI): 04 570 9144 ?ext:9144
Mobile: 021 02952482
Email [email protected]

For those of you who don’t know NZTAN is the New Zealand Tobacco Control Action Network, which are a bunch of militant and well funded anti-smoking health nazis. When I say well funded I mean very well funded particularly in the area of Maori stop smoking funding and in particular a nasty little group called Te Reo Marama.

Te Reo Marama is a small outfit run by?Shane Kawenata Bradbrook. This guy would appear from documents that arrived in the post today to be a serial maori trougher. One example of many which I will have to outline in a series of posts so huge is the amount of information that has arrived courtesy of an OIA is the $77,000 spent on overseas travel in one calendar year…..on Maori Health!….Overseas travel….something isn’t right.

The word has it an the email above confirms that there are serious questions being raised about Te Reo Marama andits funding arrangments from MinHealth that it has had its funding cut off pending an investigation.

From the email above and also from comments on my previous blog post about Maori and smoking it seems that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has a nasty little network of similar maori troughers deeply embeded in DHB’s and MinHealth who seem to want to protect him.

Is it just a coincidence that the very week that Te Reo Marama has its funding arrangements under the microscope Hone Harawira comes out punching and this email turns up on the NZTAN mail-lists? Surely its just coincidence or is Shane Kawenata Bradbrook still running (in a nice new green MG convertible like this one) around skiting to all who will listen that he “can’t be touched because he has the Maori Party in his back pocket”. A quick call to Pita and Tari should be able to confirm or deny that tomorrow.

And why is Steve (Tipene) Kenny, Health Advisor – Maori – Pasifika? Regional Public Health a the Hutt Valley DHB lobbying so hard in support of Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and Te Reo Marama? Is it because Steve (Tipene) Kenny knows of a little bit of double dipping going on?

From the documents I have received so far this may well be the tip of the iceberg. There is more to come on this story I can promise you. I just have to scan about 500 documents.