The tragedy of Fiji

After the Pacific Forum voted to suspend Fiji it was only a matter of time before the fools at the Commonwealth decided to suspend Fiji from that “illustrious” body. And so it came to pass.

The Dark Lord of NZ politics had these powerful words to say about how effective all the finger pointing and lectures of our success governments have been in returning Fiji to democracy;

He said Fiji had been given enough warnings.

The rule of law, democracy and human rights were “the glue that holds the Commonwealth together”.

New Zealand would not be imposing new sanctions, he said.

“We’ve simply taken the view that the rest of the international community have fallen broadly into line, we don’t see any reason for new initiatives to take place at this stage,” Mr McCully told Radio New Zealand.

“There’s really nothing we can do to force Fiji to move down a path towards democracy.”

There we have it from the great one himself, there is nothing we can do to FORCE Fiji to move down a path to democracy. Here’s a thought Muzza, how about we stop trying to force a solution on Fiji and actually sit down with the Commodore and try and HELP him find a way top return to democracy.

Every other way forward has failed and failed spectacularly, now Fiji is isolated from the Commonwealth and from the Pacific Forum, there is little they can do now other than accept aid from China and from India. Surely it would be time to start finding a different and better way forward.? Does it have to come to a couple of bloggers going up there to sort it out while the plonkers in MFaT sit in the corner tugging their muscles?

It pains me to see Fiji, the place of my birth, treated in such a way when countries like Cameroon,?Gambia,?Ghana (which is listed in the Failed States Index), Tonga (which has no democracy to speak of), Uganda (another Failed State) and Zambia all sit in judgement over Fiji and all arguably are in much worse conditions either democratically or judicially. the rank hypocrisy of organisation like the Commonwealth of Nations is appalling.

If our government wants China and India to have an unsinkable aircraft carrier less than three hours from New Zealand then they are going the right way about it. What astounds me is that in the face of all the evidence to the contrary we still persist down this failed track.