They want an 'H' but won't stop bashing their kids

The Geographic Board has come up with a decision on whether or not Wanganui should have an ‘h’ in it or not and decided it should.

The final decision rests with Maori-ce Whilliamson. He should issue a press release saying that he will authorise an ‘h’ in Wanganui when Maori stop killing their kids and there is an ‘h’ in Williamson.

Really, maori do go on sometimes about phucking trivialilities while they address none of the important issue like the abuse of their children and their over-representation in our prisons.

For phucks sake maybe we should all change our blogs to have an ‘h’ in them, I’m already covered but I expect to see changes to the following;

Khiwiblog, Chactus Khate, Rhoar Prawn, No Mhinita, etc.