Too "busy" sinking piss to plant trees

Peter Goodfellow

Peter Goodfellow

Several Young Nats have contacted me and they are pretty mad with Peter Goodfellow.

Over the weekend they have had their conference in Auckland and one of the activities was tree planting on Motutapu island . They invited the pro tem President Peter Goodfellow along and he politely declined because he was too busy, or so he said.

Turns out that the “busy” he meant was sinking piss with the slackers who didn’t go tree planting at Mecca at the viaduct. How shameful, He can’t even tell the truth to the one organisation he actually did anything for.

The Young Nats are also out of pocket for that “busy” because they still got charged for his fare on the ferry. If I was them I’d send the bill to the prick, he’s got pots of dough to make up the difference.

On another note why was there stunned silence, embarrassing lengthy silence at the Northern regional meeting when Peter Goodfellow asked if there were any questions? Why still stony silence even after he begged for a patsy question?

I’ll have a go at answering those questions. Because they think he is a plonker, they all know what cannot be said and they are all going to vote his ass off the board come the next conference.