Tracy Watkins and her Must Read blogs

Tracy Watkins has blogged and her first one in a long time is about her “must read blogs”.

She says that Dpf has lost his mojo.But check this out;

Whale Oil: I’ll admit it… once I got over my squeamishness, I quite enjoyed his blog. Utterly nihilistic and entertaining, though as a journalist, you had to seriously wonder whether it was worth the effort of pursuing some of his more half-baked news claims, given that as many didn’t stack up as did. But fun to read all the same. I haven’t taken at all to his new home on Gotcha – it’s a hotchpotch, frankly. I have no idea why he made the move but maybe he had too many lawyers breathing down his neck?

Let me tell you folks the only lawyer breathing down my neck is Cactus Kate as I iron out the bugs here, all the others are blow-hards and bullshitters, not a single letter has arrived nor a summons.

Oh well all that is behind me now that I have legal counsel on board at Gotcha!

Thanks Tracy, I loved the write up. Oh and I got a photo too.