Uh oh tragedy waiting to happen

From Red Alert – Not only is their step-granny a Labour MP, with names like Chance and Chay these two little wallabies don’t have a hope.

I?m off to Australia this week, with partner John, to meet his two new grandsons, Chance and Chay (yes, well they are Australians) and so John can meet for just the second time his two-year old granddaughter, Mala? – (and before you ask, we?re paying).

Because I can never separate the personal from the politics, I?ve made a list of things to look into including :

1. Why Australian cleaners are now paid $21 an hour when ours are still paid $12.55, when they?re employed by the same contractors.
2. What Rudd has done differently to Key to end the recession earlier and with lower unemployment than NZ.
3. Why increasing workers? rights in Australia is not seen as reducing productivity or harmful to business when in New Zealand it?s seen as the opposite.
4. How many firms have really gone bust because they have to pay the same minimum redundancy pay I am proposing in my Redundancy Protection Bill.
5. What?s happening with the National Transport Commission report that said that excessive client power and poor pay and conditions for truck drivers were a major cause of the high levels of deaths and injuries on Australian roads – and whether Joyce should take note.
6. What forms of contracting arrangements for independent contractors do they have that give them more rights and collective bargaining power.

Should be a great trip!? I?ll send photos.

I wouldn’t be sending photos or doing those other things, I’d spend time convincing the care-givers of these two the errors of their ways in naming their kids. They may well befaill the pox that is Silly First Name Syndrome, mind you if Darien spends a lot of time hugging and kissing them she may catch it.

Just one more random question though. Do customs in Australia allow smack through in your luggage or does it have to be bought local?