Wake Up NZ

Further to my post yesterday about Fiji, there is the news that another Commonwealth nation doesn’t see Fiji in quite the same light as New Zealand does.

I fear that our dogmatic and intransigent way of dealing with the honourable Commodore may well have cost us decent respect and representation in the Pacific.

From the Fiji Sun;

Malayasia backs FijiMalaysia is ready to assist Fiji with its reform programs says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
In his recent trip to sign a loan deal with the Exim Bank in Malaysia, Cmdr Bainimarama labeled his trip as successful and fruitful.
Cmdr Bainimarama said, not only he achieved the purpose of his trip, but he also met with other Malaysian businessmen who had interest in helping Fiji with its reforms.
“I met with a lot of people apart from signing the loan agreement which was a milestone achievement for the people of Fiji,” said Cmdr Bainimarama.
Cmdr Bainimarama said association defence and former chief of defence who normally worked at the Navy also expressed their interest and their assistance in building a better Fiji.
Cmdr Bainimarama also revealed his meeting with the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia Honorable Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad .
He said the meeting with Dr Mahathir was good as they discussed a lot of issues affecting the people of Fiji.
Cmdr Bainimarama said Fiji’s participation in the Malayan campaign opened doors during his visit.
“I was thrilled with their support and interest towards Fiji,” he said.
Cmdr Bainimarama said support came in time with the current situation faced by the people of Fiji.
He said Malaysia had promised to help Fiji and support the reforms that would bring about changes in Fiji.
“We need to move forward and these reforms will help us do so,” he said.