Want something to be the news, leak it to the blogs

No less an organisation than NBR? says it, so it must be so.

A large figure blots out the sun, arms waving and smoking furiously. I realise I am late for my appointment with Sean Plunket and he has come to get me.

Sean is concerned none of his threats to leave Radio New Zealand have been published this time, despite him telling most of the country?s media journalists. I remind him of the last time he did that ? the Sunday Star Times did a rather big splash on it. But of course nothing much happened.

Journalists remember that sort of thing. Eventually. Sean is babbling about lawyers but I tell him he is wasting his money on them. The answer is actually quite simple and cheap.

The blogs. News editors in the dailies and on TV believe everything they read on the blogs. And they get all table-bangy at their staff and demand follow-ups. Which is why their staff also spend so much time monitoring the blogs.

So you want to get news coverage these days, leak your story to one of the high profile blogs. Kiwblog, Whaleoil, Roarprwan[sic], even Poneke, when he comes out of retirement again.

Get one of them to write about it and it?ll be in the daily papers within 24 hours, no worries.

Indeed, and that then begs the question, what is happening to Sean Plunket’s little contretemps with Socialist Radio?