Way to go Kev

Kevin Rudd may be a preening ponce but sometimes he calls things right and on MP troughing he has done so, much to the chagrin of some troughing, sooky-pants MPs of his own. Not only that he used the F-Bomb. and I don’t mean ‘Failure’ or ‘Fellatio’, I mean ‘Fuck’.

CANBERRA – Reports that Labor MPs were horrified at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s use of the F-word is amusing, a cabinet minister says.

A number of backbench factional leaders copped expletives when they visited the prime minister’s parliament house office to object to plans to cut politicians’ annual printing allowances by 25 per cent to $75,000.

Mr Rudd said in the presence of three female MPs: “I don’t care what you fuckers think”, News Limited has reported.

He later told another senator: “You can get fucked”.

The prime minister did not deny he swore when asked about the issue in New York today (Australian time).

Asked about the incident, Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner said politics is a robust business.

Fucking Brilliant! The man impresses me. His approval ratings will rocket now as the good keen bloke down the pub will think the same as Rudd, them fuckers can go fuck themselves.