What do the Kursk, Katrina and a Tsunami all have in common?

From Wikipedia on the Kursk

While the tragedy of the Kursk played out in the Far North, Russia’s then President Vladimir Putin, though immediately informed of the tragedy, waited for five days before he broke a holiday at a presidential resort house in subtropical Sochi on the Black Sea before commenting publicly on the loss of the pride of the Northern Fleet. A year later he said: “I probably should have returned to Moscow, but nothing would have changed. I had the same level of communication both in Sochi and in Moscow, but from a PR point of view I could have demonstrated some special eagerness to return.”

Hurricane Katrina was a PR disaster for George W. Bush. He didn’t take enough interest, left the details to FEMA who were useless and suffered as a result.

The lessons are there to be learned.? Putin was was on holiday at the Black Sea and couldn’t see why he should not stay on holiday which really hurt his reputation amongst the Russians. George W. Bush fucked up royally with Katrina, but did Bill English and Murray McCully learn the lessons that leaders need to lead?

Nope they didn’t. The first two politicians on the plane out to Samoa this afternoon were Chris “Cruising” Carter and Winnie Laban, dispatched by the Co-Leader of Labour Phil Goff.

Where the fuck were our guys? Why wasn’t Nikki Kaye, Simon Bridges, Aaron Gilmore and every other available back-bencher especially the 2008 intake all put on the bloody plane complete with gumboots and “We Care” t-shirts and some shovels and spades bloody first. Oh no….the first support Samoa gets is from bloody Labour oiks! It is shit like this that really gets my goat with National sometimes.

Bill English is acting-Prime Minister and acting is all he seems t be able to do and Murray McCully is responsible for MFat. There are two heads right there that should roll. This really should be the final straw for Bill English.