Will the Greens ban DIY?

The Greens et al wanted us to force feed the entire nation folic acid to save just 20 babies a year. They along with Jim Anderton voted to ban BZP despite there being ZERO deaths from it. David Farrar compiled a list of over 100 things that the Greens wanted to ban for one reason or another. Some government sometime back forced all pool owners to spend thousands fencing pools to save 20 kids a year drowning and every year the Police go on a taxathon around schools for speeding when the evidence suggest maybe 2 kids a years get killed near schools. So………

What I want to know is when are the busy-body, meddling wankers going to ban DIY tasks in and around the home. Good God almighty we have banned things for less. Look at the appalling statistics.

An average of 11 people died each week from accidents in their homes in the year to the end of June – an annual total of 573. That compares with the road toll last year of 366.

The Auckland home-accident death rate of 2.92 for every 10,000 people is more than double the national rate of 1.37.

One person is injured around the home every 48 seconds. Nationally, 658,000 people suffered household injuries, which cost $641 million – an average of $975 each.

The carnage is appalling. Surely these jobs should be conducted by seasoned, trained and licensed professionals and inspected by similarly licensed and trained inspectors to ensure that people are safe in and around their own homes.We are literally spending millions on advertising to lower the road toll, what about campaigns to end domestic death syndrome.

* Falling from steps or ladders: 77 a week
* Injuries from plants, trees and bushes: 400 a week
* Lawnmower injuries: 85 a week
* Injuries from tools: 480 a week
* Insect bites and stings: 480 a week
* Most accidents (17 per cent) occur in the garden. The kitchen accounts for most injuries inside the house.

That’s it, we have to move to ban access to steps or ladders. If pool owners had to fence pools then homeowners are simply going to have to remove steps and destroy their ladders. All plants, trees and bushes have to go too. I know that Brian “Where’s my theatre” Rudman won’t agree but it really is best for all concerned that the trees and plants go. Lawn’s should be mown only be professionals, remind though to invest in Greenacres. The major problem though is the insects since the Greens have managed to bann DDT world wide we might have to get inventive here. As for the kitchen, well I think the only solution is for ovens to never reach any temperature above 50 degrees, same with elements, all knives to be sold blunt and forbid sharpening implements. In fact lets go a step further and mandate the removal of gardens and kitchens from all homes and that will cut accidents by huge amounts and also stimulate business by necessitating us all to eat out.