Woohoo! Boobs on Bikes tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 11th annual Boobs on Bikes and the council this year has seen fit to grant a permit. Hope the weather improves otherwise those poor girls nipples will be like proverbial icicles.

I spoke with Steve Crow a short while ago and he has confirmed more than 70 girls for the event which makes it the largest ever.

He also confirmed for me that any money raised will be put towards breast reconstruction surgery for Tatiana. She’s 26 years old. She’s a mother to an 8 month old son.

She has breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, stem cell surgery and breast reconstruction. She wrote to Steve Crow and here is their exchange and Steve’s offer to assist her after the govenment and the NZ Breat Cancer Foundation refused to assist her.

I have to have a double mastectomy on the 7th of September (note: this was subsequently rescheduled to 16 September). The government won’t even pay for a reconstruction!

So as a solo mum of a 8 month baby I have been fundraising to get the money for reconstruction. (she had to sell her house)

If at all you would like to make a donation to my cause, even if its $5 I would be really grateful and would in turn be honoured to be on the boobs on bikes parade (with my new boobs lol).

Please consider this as I would love to :)”

We were somewhat surprised at this so we emailed her back: –

“This is appalling. It is my understanding that if you have to have a mastectomy the government do pay for reconstruction and a wig (for hair loss). Why is this not happening in your case?”

A week later and In response to this query, Tatiana replied:

“Sorry was having another surgery so have been in hospital. I should have explained myself better. I have melanoma which has affected my lymph nodes including and specifically my breasts. The reconstruction is different to a normal post mastectomy surgery as the cancer cells are everywhere. That’s why I have to pay for a specialist surgeon to try fix them and put implants in place of my breasts.

Before I got sick I was a nurse but since?I got sick am now a stay at home mum to my 8 months old boy Mathieu.”

We at Erotica have decided to get behind Tatiana and ask that you do too.

We have pledged a sizeable cash donation to Tatiana and fundraising activities at the 10th anniversary Erotica Lifestyles Expo 25-27 September to assist her in her fight. Segway New Zealand have got on board and are loaning two Segway Personal Transporters for Tatiana?to sell gold coin donation rides on?at the show.

I am appalled at the way the breast cancer foundation treated you. Absolutely disgusting!

Tatiana’s case, and others like hers,?further highlight the plight of the New Zealand health system.

Please help assist Tatiana by supporting Boobs on Bikes and Erotica Expo.