6 years for Corrupt Labour MP

Philip Field has been jailed for 6 years after being found guilty of corruption and bribery whilst a Labour Party MP.

The Labour Party has issued a pathetic press release. They should be apologising to all the people Philip Field ripped off and rorted while he was corrupting and bribing his way to power.

Helen Clark described Philip Field as being “guilty of nothing more than being helpful”. Labour are vicariously liable for his actions by condoning and supporting and defending his actions for so long.

Remember too that Labour never threw him out of the party until he transgressed by saying he “may” stand as an independent. Until he said that he was getting the best defense from the highest office in the land.

I hope Judith Collins has arranged a nice cold container cell for the criminal ex-Labour MP.

Still labour and Philip Field go down in history as having the first ever MP convicted of bribery and corruption, the pity is it probably shouldn’t be the last either.